Light Hand Designs Mehndi

Light Hand  Designs Mehndi is the art of henna painting on theHand  and it has been practiced in different countries like India, Africa, and the Middle East, where the henna plant is believed to bring love and good fortune, and to protect against evil.

Mehndi is traditionally practiced for wedding ceremonies, during important rites of passage, and in times of joyous celebration.

Mehndi is widely accepted as a form of spiritual celebration and worship as well as common cosmetic. Oppi Untract, an author and expert on ethnic Indian adornment, states, “by adorning the visible, material body, women also seek to satisfy a universal longing for the embellishment of its intangible counterpart, the human spirit.

Mehndi paste is made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant is applied to the skin, and when removed several hours later, leaves beautiful markings on the skin that fade naturally over 1 to 3 weeks.

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